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Supplier of electronic components

"Hard to find"

AA2DE is an independent distributor servicing the electronic industry. Specializing in providing a smooth procurement cycle, we can supply you with the hard-to-find, allocated and obsolete parts you′ve been searching for.

With over 15 years combined experience and expertise, we developed unique partnerships with our clients and distributors. We currently conduct business with some of the world′s largest Fortune 500 Original Equipment Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers.

AA2DE is completely committed to customer care. Based on this commitment we are building an international reputation in the Electronics Distribution Industry. We do not aim to replace your existing supplier base, however we do wish to complement and support them when you experience problems.

Our top of the line procurement database utilizes the latest technology to provide us with offers from thousands of electronic suppliers worldwide and with access to millions of components from virtually every manufacturer. A list of manufacturers is listed on our line card page. We can source any brand you′re looking for. Our job is not complete until we get your parts. If the part exists, we′ll get it for you fast.

No matter how large or small a customer′s needs, each account receives the individual attention we believe it rightfully deserves to ensure that our commitment to service is upheld. We focus on the same day answer to our customer requirements and prompt follow-up.

Let us solve your component problems!

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